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    The Special Programs Department provides a wide range of services to students who have developmental delays or disabilities. The goal of all services is to enable the student to participate successfully in the regular education environment. Services are first considered in the least restrictive environment for the student. Special education services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Special education support services within regular education
  • Special education class placements
  • Intense/extraordinary special education
  • Related services are provided, if required, to assist a student with a disability to benefit from special education. Typical related services include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling and transportation.


Marisa Martell Physical Therapist
Dolores D'Andrea Physical Therapist
Maria Velazquez Occupational Therapist
Kelly Feltman Occupational Therapist
Lori Franklin Occupational Therapist
Laura Murphy Occupational Therapist


Eileen McCann Glen School
Elinda Vandersnow Glen School
Pat Rosenfeld Glen School
Kelly Staniewicz Glen School
Jaimee Thompson Hawes Elementary School
Diane Spino Hawes Elementary School
Karen Klotz Orchard Elementary School
Amy Caughlan Ridge Elementary School
Beth Jerejian Ridge Elementary School
Christine Meltzer Somerville Elementary School
Cassie Carlisle Somerville Elementary School
Stacey Manella Travell Elementary School
Kim Casey Travell Elementary School
Leslie Main Willard Elementary School
Sharon Hansen Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Susan Faigle Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Julie Dello Russo Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Lisa Dillon Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Odalys Roque George Washington Middle School
Marissa Mahoney George Washington Middle School
Frank Mauriello George Washington Middle School
Nancy LoPiccolo Ridgewood High School
Nancy Reilly Ridgewood High School
Danielle Wood Ridgewood High School
Elizabeth O'Brien Ridgewood High School
Gerald Perrone Ridgewood High School
Regina Salice Ridgewood High School
Michael Tota Ridgewood High School
Gail Stoughton Ridgewood High School
Maryanne Willenborg Ridgewood High School